Northslope Apartments Campaign Video

The Northslope Apartments were completed in 2013, adding two 11,500 square-foot buildings with space for up to 45 students each.

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Mark Gumm:
We brought our kids by here one time, and they were like, 'you lived in this place?'

Julie Gumm:
We caught 4 or 5 mice in one day. I mean, fond memories yes, but I'm excited to see what's going to go up in their place.

Dr. Andre Broquard:
Broadhurst has been a great facility for us to use in a very flexible way. I'm thankful that we're moving out of them. They've been great buildings, but they're tired.

Dr. April Moreton:
And so now we have NorthSlope Apartments where our students are now in a new updated comfortable residential living situation.

Emmy Scott:
We have a lot of fun in here. We have some neighbors that we get together with once a month and we cook dinner. It's like open community, a lot of laughter.

Dr. Andre Broquard:
Still very much on campus, still part of the community.

Sam Boehning:
I think it promotes interaction between upperclassmen and underclassmen on campus.

Emmy Scott:
Even throughout our busy schedules, we're able to spend time here. It feels more like home.

Andre Broquard:
And what's important for me is that those upperclassmen are still here, and they can interact with students in the residence halls.

Sam Boehning:
I think that's something that the apartments provide that off-campus living can't provide.