2014 World Vision Disaster Shelter Design Competition

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Mark Terrill: Starting the 3rd Annual World Vision John Brown University Disaster Shelter Competition we’ve got 6 teams this year. A team from Pitt State, a team from John Brown, 3 teams from Judson and then a team from University of Louisiana Monroe. Parameters of the competition are somewhat similar to the past. We added a new test that we do. It determines how well the shelters will hold heat – a heat retention test. So, we built a booth for that. We use liquid nitrogen to cool the air, then we heat up the inside and then monitor it for 30 min and see what the temperature difference is. There’s a cash prize - $1,000 for the winner, $750 for second place, and $500 for third. There is a possibility, now we haven’t had it happen yet, but if World Vision saw something they liked that they thought could be developed then they could say “hey, let’s go further with this”. Again, we haven’t had that happen yet, but it’s always a possibility.