Florida Keys Marine Biology Trip

Marine Biology class trip to the Florida Keys over Spring Break 2013

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Student 1: We all jumped in for the first time and as soon as I put down my face-mask into the water and looked down, I was so amazed by how everything you see in the textbook was just right there in real life.
Student 2: My favorite moment was probably getting to see a shark we went out to one of the reefs and just saw this bull shark just swimming along.
Student 3: The seven foot bull shark swam within feet of us.
Student 4: Which I'm terrified of sharks, at the same time it was a really awesome experience.
Student 5: One of my favorite things about Dr. Wakefield is his sense of humor.
Student 6: Are you ready to touch some turtles?
Professor Dr. Wakefield: There will be no turtle touching on this trip.
Student 7: He's just a really good example of how a good professor in and out of the classroom can change lives for the better.
Professor Dr. Wakefield: I thought this group of students had a really good synergy. that they all got along really well... They laughed a lot. I think it was just a really great class.
Students: Marine Biology!