Commuter students, welcome from John Brown University!   

We greatly appreciate having you as a part of our community and hope your time at JBU is a great experience, both inside and outside the classroom.  This website is meant to help you familiarize yourself with the people, places, policies, and events on campus that are often of great importance to commuter students.   

Thank you for choosing JBU, and please know you are always welcome to approach the faculty, staff, or your fellow students with your questions or feedback.  We look forward to serving you! 


Our Team

Rob Rostoni
Commuter Coordinator

Yamilet Lopez
Commuter Representative


Recent Commuters surveyed said...

- 96% feel connected at JBU
- 92% feel that JBU cares about commuters
- 89% feel welcomed at JBU
- 88% have an enjoyable experience at JBU
- 88% have friends who are JBU students

All JBU commuters are required to provide contact information each year by completing a Commuter Notification Form.

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