Major in Social Studies Education

Become an educator • Get certified to teach social studies • Impact the future generation

Social Studies Education teaches future leaders.
JBU gives you the tools you need to succeed.

In the social studies education major, you will learn how to teach American and world history,
geography, and American government. 
At JBU, you will have model classrooms on campus to practice in,
and you will also have an abundance of time in real classrooms student teaching.

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Social Studies Education at JBU - You'll get to:

Experience a Clinical-Stye Education

Students spend a lot of time observing and teaching alongside teachers so that students are confident in classroom management and lesson planning.

Study Strong Curriculum

JBU’s social studies ed program combines the rigor of the education program with the breadth of the history curriculum. This combination develops students into experts in their field of study.

Get More Teaching Time

JBU students teach almost double the amount of time other student teaching programs do. Mentor teachers know that JBU students’ education has prepared them to handle a classroom.

License Transfer

JBU’s program is accredited in such a way that allows students to transfer their teaching license easily across states.

Teach Overseas

JBU students study teaching as a mission and integrate faith, learning, and teaching during summer study abroad trips in Uganda or Lithuania for college credit.

What Could You Do With A Social Studies Education Degree?

Teach Overseas

Many international and missionary based schools look for qualified teachers to serve.

Work in Public or Private Schools

Educational institutions are always seeking quality teachers.

Work in Daycare Centers or Nursery Schools

Childcare workers who understand childhood development and education fundamentals are in great demand.

Graduate School

Many graduates choose to pursue a degree in higher education to teach collegiate coursework in education.

Social Work

Elementary schools and other educational institutions look for social workers who have a background in education.

Educational Administrator

These professionals oversee the daily aspect of childcare centers, preschools or other schools. Typically, this position requires an advanced degree.

Missions Work

Many missionary families are looking for qualified educational professionals to help them with homeschooling.

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