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In JBU's Mathematics program, you will learn to think critically, practice deductive reasoning, make precise calculations, analyze data and approach math with creativity and passion. Mathematics majors are equipped to work in a number of industries including education, cryptology, computer science, business and forensics.

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Discover how JBU's Math program encourages creativity

What to expect as a Mathematics student at JBU

Work With Brilliant Faculty

JBU math professors are brilliant and accessible to students, often scheduling one-on-one tutoring and attending student study groups in the evenings.

Learn Through Collaboration

JBU’s small class size gives you the perfect environment for solving hard problems with experts in the field. Math students work problems together in study sessions.

Present Undergraduate Research

You will have several opportunities to participate in undergraduate research projects and other forms of experiential learning alongside faculty.

Earn a B.S. + Master's in 5 Years

A Math degree can be combined with JBU's Masters of Business Administration or Master's of Arts in Teaching programs, and you can graduate from JBU in five years with a master's degree.

Experience a Versatile Education

The technical and intellectual skills you'll learn are broadly applicable to careers in economics, finance, business, political science and engineering. Each of the top 15 highest-earning college degrees have one common factor: they all require a great deal of math (according to Forbes).

Get Hired

There is a high demand for mathematicians in the workplace, and the 2010 Bureau of Labor and Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook (Mathematics Section) shows that a mathematician's median pay is $99,380 per year.

What could you do with a Mathematics degree?


You can become one of these professionals who take mathematics and science and apply them to finance and insurance.

Financial Analyst

Attention to detail and the ability to think critically are all part of financial analysis and is exactly what you learn as a mathematics major at JBU.

University Professor

Many graduates choose to get advanced degrees in mathematics and teach at a collegiate level.

Climate Analyst

Studying and predicting long-term changes in global weather requires critical thinking, numerical study and other skills that you will learn as a math major.

Financial Mathematics

You can study the way in which businesses, organizations and individuals use their resources. Stock market analysis, mortgage backing and financial derivatives are just some ways in which mathematics majors can apply their knowledge to financial mathematics.

Math Teacher

While this requires additional certification, mathematics teachers are in great demand from elementary to secondary education. Especially overseas!


Government agencies, private organizations and corporations need people who can analyze, collect, classify and make inferences from data. Training in mathematics is highly desired for these types of careers.


In this profession, you can use mathematical algorithms for network security. A background in mathematics is extremely marketable for this type of work.

Forensic Analyst

You could collect and analyze data from crime scenes using skills that math majors learn like researching, critical thinking, attention to detail and deductive reasoning.

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