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Apply the science of body movement to improve the lives of others

In the kinesiology major, you'll learn how to help others by understanding the movement of the human body. With a kinesiology degree, you can become an athletic trainer, educator, or enter graduate school for physical therapy.

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What to expect as a Kinesiology student at JBU

Specialize Your Program

You can focus your study on Health and Wellness or Sports Medicine. The course requirements are tailored to each emphasis so that students are prepared for their field of choice.

Establish a Great Foundation

JBU lab classes are capped to 20 students so that professors can give student-specific guidance and recommendation.

Get Hands-on Experience

You'll gain incredible field experience through local partnerships and the JBU athletic program.

Dissect Cadavers

Students interested in the Pre-Professional Program can explore the inner workings of the human body in the human anatomy cadaver lab. JBU is one of only two Arkansas universities that make cadaver dissection available to undergraduate students.

Possible careers for a Kinesiology major


Whether you become a personal trainer or a team trainer, use the skills you learned as a kinesiology major to help get and keep others in top physical condition. 


Teach P.E. at a high school or junior high. 

Physical Therapist

Help people recover from injuries and maintain their health throughout their life. 


Show people how to develop and maintain good eating habits so they can experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Massage Therapist

Help your patients relax and feel good again via healing massages. 

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