Major in Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

Understand disaster relief • Develop practical skills • Change lives

Learn how to help others at their most vulnerable.

The humanitarian and disaster relief major equips students to meet people at some of the most chaotic and vulnerable times in their lives and offer a reflection of God's love. This program helps students develop practical skills, such as emergency medicine or construction management and combines that with quality education in intercultural studies and emergency management. Supporting this diverse curriculum is a foundation in leadership development.

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Help others

Roles in the humanitarian or disaster relief field can include working at government agencies, local and international relief ministries and refugee care agencies.

Enjoy diverse education

The humanitarian and disaster relief degree includes many of the knowledge areas desired in this field, including intercultural studies, experiential education and emergency management.

Launch your career

You'll be prepared to nurture spiritual formation and serve others in a growing industry. There is expected to be a need for 70,000 new relief workers over the next decade. 

What to expect as a humanitarian and disaster relief student at JBU


Get certified

Students can earn certifications in remote and emergency medicine. They will graduate with certain FEMA certifications, an EMT license and a wilderness EMT certification. 


Earn a bachelor's and master's

JBU offers a 4+1 path for students to earn both a bachelor's degree in humanitarian and disaster relief and a master’s degree in outdoor program management from JBU's business school in just 5 years.


Learn in Northwest Arkansas

Home to the Buffalo River and the Ozark Mountains, Northwest Arkansas has very active community search and rescue teams for students to volunteer with while completing their degrees.

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