Major in Finance

Solve financial problems • Work in personal and corporate finance • Use diverse skills

Solve complex problems for companies and individuals.

Become a strategic problem-solver with high-level communication skills. Gain experience in financial management, financial planning and portfolio analysis that will help you succeed after college.

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Get job experience

The finance major has excellent internship opportunities. Gain experience working in personal finance, corporate finance, banking and even on Wall Street.

Develop interpersonal skills

Companies want graduates who have the technical knowledge and are able to work in teams, solve problems and see the big picture.

Gain confidence

JBU's finance major will prepare you to be confident in your career after college. You'll be able to work through any problem and enjoy every dilemma you are faced with.

Discover how JBU will prepare you for a career of financial success.

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What to expect as a finance student at JBU


Apply your learning hands-on

JBU focuses on applied learning, case studies, simulations and interventions in existing organizations to practice and master concepts.


Become a top executive

Many fortune 500 CEOs come from a finance background. A finance major prepares students to deal with complex and multifaceted problems addressed by organizational leaders.


Learn from qualified instructors

JBU faculty are well educated and have served in professional finance roles in numerous industries. This real-life experience is invaluable in helping students connect theory to practice.

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