Lindsey at Alsace CastleLindsey Zachary ’09 discovered her medieval literature class meant more than reading Old English and writing papers. For her, it was meeting up with her professor and classmates during her summer trip to Germany and traveling to Strasbourg, France, to visit castle ruins in the Alsace. “Seeing where the stories were created just reinforced the class for me,” Lindsey said.

The curriculum for the English major highlights the critical analysis of literature and historical development of literature as part of culture. Whether studying human reasoning through Dante’s works or comparing views on Sylvia Plath, professors integrate faith and learning by challenging students to examine literature through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Professors also emphasize writing, critical thinking and communication skills necessary for scholarship, effective teaching and success in a wide variety of professional fields. Students learn critical thinking skills useful in more than classroom or academic settings. English graduates from JBU often go into careers in publishing, editing, writing for business and industry, teaching, management and more. While an English degree is used in various careers, many JBU students choose to continue studying English after graduation.

Where is Lindsey now? After completing a master degree and traveling around Europe, she is getting her Ph.D. in Medieval Literature at the University of Arkansas.