Major in English

Analyze literature • Write creatively • Become a critical thinker

English is more than old books and grammar. JBU will prepare you to communicate clearly and completely.

In the English major, you will hone both your reading and writing skills with individual attention from faculty. English majors will learn and practice critical thinking and effective communication that prepares them for whatever path awaits.

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What to expect as an English student at JBU

Discover Your Voice

Small classes at JBU facilitate a unique accountability to your own style and voice when reading, writing, and analyzing literature.

Study Abroad

Travel to Oxford, England for a semester at Oxford University. Work with an expert in your field of study, research in their renowned library and attend weekly lectures by the most brilliant minds, all for JBU credit.

Facilitate Cool Festivals

You will have the opportunity as a JBU English student to present your research at writing conventions and conferences every year. You could even go on to publish as a few students have done.

Workshop Your Words

All of JBU’s creative writing courses are capped at 12 students so that you can present your creative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for constructive feedback from peers and professors.

Join Sigma Tau Delta

Join JBU’s English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Discover new authors, debate old ideas, and develop your creativity during activities throughout the year.

Present Your Ideas

Every year, JBU hosts renowned authors, poets, and songwriters for workshops and performances. As an English major, you help facilitate, mingle with professional artists, and help cultivate a love for the written word.

Choose Your Emphasis

Creative Writing
Creative Writing

With a Creative Writing emphasis, you will create pieces and give and receive feedback during workshops in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, novels, and short stories.


With a Literature emphasis, you will take classes like Literary Theory as well as special topics classes such as C.S. Lewis and the Inklings, Contemporary Fiction, and Native American Literature. 

What could you do with an English degree?

Graduate School

You may choose to advance your career in a particular area of interest. These advanced degrees will enable you to be able to teach collegiate level classes.

Professional Writing

With much of the world being online these days, professional writing for blogs, digital magazines, businesses, and other organizations is in great demand.

Editing for Major Publication Companies or Corporations

Companies and businesses with print or digital material often need editors to stylize, analyze, and reword brochures, magazine ads, write-ups, and other print material.

Technical Writing

Technical writing works well with English majors because it requires attention to detail, consistency, and the ability to summarize overall messages into a concise statement. Often, writers need to take complex ideas and make them understandable to the average reader, which is exactly what you learn how to do in the English major at JBU.

Grant Writing

In the English major, you will learn how to write persuasive arguments, a key skill grant writing entails.

Law School

Majoring in English works well with a degree in law, as you will have to read extensively while maintaining knowledge of overall ideas, create cohesive arguments and find research to back your arguments.

Teaching English Overseas

Many international colleges and universities pay for English majors to come and teach English, literature, and other classes. This is also a great ministry opportunity.

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