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At JBU, we know that your desire to help others learn and grow comes from God. In the elementary education major, you'll master the content, methods and techniques to inspire the next generation of students. With model classrooms and exposure to real classrooms starting in your very first semester, you will graduate well-prepared to teach in a public or private school classroom.

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Shadow expert educators

JBU students spend ample time observing and teaching alongside teachers in order to gain confidence and skill in classroom management and lesson planning.

Practice teaching

Elementary education students are taught how to make and present sample lesson plans in simulation classrooms and public school classrooms to experience first-hand the strengths and opportunities for improvement as they learn to teach.

Teach globally

JBU is accredited so that students can transfer their teaching license easily across states and internationally. 

Equip yourself to teach in school at JBU.

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What to expect as an elementary education student at JBU


Observe seasoned teachers

Students spend a lot of time in clinical-style education with mentor teachers. Through observing and teaching alongside these experts, JBU students become confident in their capabilities and are ready for their teaching careers.


Practice teaching

From their very first semester, students get to have an in-classroom experience. JBU students get the chance to practice teaching in public schools during seven out of eight semesters they study education. This creates great confidence, trust, and respect in the student's mentor teachers, as well as future employers. 


Teach abroad

JBU students can spend time teaching in Lithuania, Guatemala, Honduras, Northern Ireland, and various parts of the world. Not only does JBU equip students to be able to transfer their teaching license to go and teach other places, but gives them a chance to enhance their teaching education abroad before they even graduate.

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