Major in Electrical Engineering

Become an electrical engineer • Solve critical problems • Make a difference

Solve advanced problems.

In the electrical engineering major, you'll learn to apply science and technology to the service of God and humanity. With an emphasis on design, you'll graduate prepared for a career in engineering or advanced degrees. 

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Get hands-on experience

You'll gain hands-on experience from courses such as electronics and embedded systems and coding skills in classes such as digital systems.

Enjoy fantastic facilities & equipment

The Balzer Technology Center houses over 40,000 square feet for classroom, lab and fabrication areas. Students have access to a laser cutter, a new mill, a carbon fiber 3d printer and more.

Get technical skills

At JBU, you will earn a strong background in robotics, machine design, 3D computer-aided drafting and computational modeling.

Not sure which degree to choose? 

JBU engineering students have three semesters to decide which degree to pursue - the B.S.E.E. (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) or the B.S.M.E. (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering).

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The most valuable lesson I learned was how to take the next step, no matter how small. Electrical engineering projects are complex and often looking at the whole picture had a paralyzing effect on me. My professors helped by allowing me to feel overwhelmed and turn to them when I needed help. This is definitely something I will rely on to move forward even when I am anxious.

Karis Trippe '22

Electrical Engineering

What to expect as an electrical engineering student

Understand design

Engineering students begin learning design in their first year and culminate in a senior capstone project with a real-world situation. 

Apply for prestigious internships

Our students regularly take summer internships at top companies like NASA, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin. Our faculty help connect and guide you to great opportunities.

Expand your degree

You'll be able to expand your electrical engineering degree with one of our many minors, such as civil engineering, game design or renewable energy. 

The most valuable skill I learned at JBU was collaborative problem solving. This includes identifying problems correctly and listening to my teammates in order to develop a solution. I'm leaving JBU with practical problem-solving, research and leadership skills.

Elizabeth Brownell '22

Electrical Engineering

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