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Defend against cyber attacks • Earn a competitive salary • Make a difference

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry. JBU will equip you to succeed. 


JBU NavigationOrganizations across all industries are looking for skilled, ethical cybersecurity professionals who can protect their critical infrastructure from the threats of cybercriminals. 

At JBU, we’ve designed a flexible cybersecurity program that will prepare you for a meaningful career through hands-on learning. You’ll work with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other tools that are essential to safeguarding information. (Click here for the list of courses.) 

Our passionate, knowledgeable professors are excited to equip you intellectually and spiritually. By the time you’re ready to enter the workforce, you’ll be prepared to navigate complex situations within the context of a Christian worldview. 

“In today’s world where massive amounts of sensitive data ranging from personal information to trade secrets, the art of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly more important. Keeping digital data and infrastructures secure should be at the forefront of every industry...This means that cybersecurity should be on the minds of the inventors that create, designers that design systems, engineers that code, IT staff that implement, and support staff that use those systems.”
- Blake Davidson, Founder and CEO at Square Six


Bluefield College Partnership


While studying in-person on JBU’s main campus, you’ll take some online cybersecurity classes taught by Bluefield College faculty. A Christian university located in Virginia, Bluefield College is dedicated to integrating faith and learning. Its proximity to federal agencies allows professors to teach about cybersecurity from relevant experience, and the institution has been nationally recognized as one of the 15 Cyber Centers of Excellence by Cybint.

“We cannot emphasize more the importance of cybersecurity in this world of data. We need more cybersecurity professionals who have the skills to secure the network and the ability to communicate with a variety of constituents. I look forward to teaching and coaching JBU students and having discussions about applying our Christian worldview in this important work.”
- Dr. Jeff Teo, Chair of the Cybersecurity Department, Bluefield College


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Want to earn a master’s? Check out our 4+1 degree program.


JBU NavigationDuring your four undergraduate years, you can take up to 12 hours of grad classes that count toward your undergraduate requirements. Complete the remaining 18 hours in your program to earn a 30-hour master’s degree. This program is offered 100% online; coursework can be completed on your schedule from wherever you are.


Get the technical knowledge and hands-on experience you need

Our passionate, knowledgeable professors will teach you to defend against attacks,
work with firewalls, learn about intrusion detection systems, and master the essentials to help you safeguard information.

Develop the "soft-skills" employers are looking for

Employers look for graduates who not only have the technical knowledge but have learned to collaborate with others, communicate effectively and discover innovative solutions for problems. At JBU you'll learn these skills throughout your studies.

Land a great job

In the next 10 years, job opportunities in the field of cybersecurity will grow by a whopping 32%! The current median salary in this field is $98,350. For more career outlook information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.