Major in Computer Science Education

Become a computer science teacher • Learn to program • Impact the world

Learn to become a technical educator.

In the computer science education major, you will have access to the latest technology, practical in-classroom hours and world-class faculty to guide you to your dream job of teaching computer science. 

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Learn hands-on

Computer science education majors not only get to experience educating real students in the classroom but they'll also get to practice working with hardware and software so they feel competent in both education and in technology fields.

Practice teaching

JBU’s computer science education program combines the rigor of the education program with the precision of the computer science curriculum. JBU not only develops students into great teachers but also into experts in their field of study.

Teach globally

JBU is accredited so that students can transfer their teaching license easily across states and internationally. 

What to expect as a computer science education student at JBU


Shadow under experts

Not only will JBU's excellent, caring faculty invest in your future, but you'll have access to classes taught by expert faculty from Christian schools across the U.S.


Enjoy incredible facilities

The Balzer Technology Center has 40,000 square feet of state-of-the-art labs and learning space.


Practice educating

JBU students teach almost double the amount of time of other student-teaching programs. Mentor teachers know that JBU students’ education has prepared them to handle their classroom.

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