Major in Chemistry Education

Become a teacher • Learn laboratory techniques • Impact students

Learn how to engage students.

In the chemistry education major, you will have access to state-of-the-art labs, practical in-classroom hours and world-class faculty to guide you to your dream job of teaching chemistry.

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Shadow expert educators

JBU students spend ample time observing and teaching alongside full-time teachers to gain confidence and skills in classroom management and lesson planning.

Practice on campus

Students will learn how to teach in the classroom under the observation of their professors so that they graduate ready to educate future students. 

Teach anywhere

With JBU's accreditation, students can transfer their teaching license easily across states and internationally.

What to expect as a chemistry education student at JBU


Work with accessible professors

Students work one-on-one with JBU professors and experience true mentorship from their first semester.


Learn from experience

JBU students graduate with almost double the amount of student-teaching time from other university education programs. Mentor teachers know that JBU students’ education has prepared them to handle their classroom.


Impact your community

Teachers are one of the most influential people in a young person's life. Whether you choose to teach in Arkansas or around the world, teachers impact others for God's kingdom.

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