Major in Chemistry Education

Become a teacher • Learn laboratory techniques • Impact students

You want to teach chemistry. 
JBU will prepare you to excel in the classroom and the lab. 

In the chemistry education major, you will have access to state-of-the-art labs, practical in-classroom hours, and world-class faculty to guide you to your dream job of teaching chemistry. 

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Work with Accessible Professors

JBU students work one-on-one with JBU professors and experience true mentorship from their very first semester. 

Learn from Experience

JBU students teach almost double the amount of time of other student-teaching programs. Mentor teachers know that JBU students’ education has prepared them to handle their classroom.

Enjoy Licensure Transfer

JBU’s program is accredited in such a way that allows students to transfer their teaching license easily across states.

Prepare for a successful career and a life of purpose

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