Jordan Summer Studies

Explore Biblical Sites in the Middle East

Where:  Jordan and Israel

When:  May 26 – July 22, 2020 

Leaders:  David Vila, Michael Francis, Cheryl Eaton

Team Size:  25+

Academics:  12 semester hours!

     BBL 4483:   Art and Archaeology of Jordan (Art Core)

     BBL 2013:   Essentials of Christian Formation (Bible Core)

     BBL 2013:   Essentials of Evangelical Theology (Bible Core)

     RPH 3533:   Introduction to Islam (Humanities Core)

     Intercultural Engagement (3 hour requirement met)

Cost:  $5400 all inclusive (some limited scholarship money is available)



How to Apply:

1. Fill out the Application for Summer Education Programs.
2. Return the application and all documentation to International Programs Office.
3. The studies team leaders review all applications and will communicate with applicants accordingly.

For More Information, contact:
Dr. David Vila
Professor of Religion and Philosophy
John Brown University