Irish Summer Studies

Wheels up, let's go!

Irish Studies Group

Irish Studies summer term is a six-week, nine credit hour program designed for all majors. We'll visit sites connected to our studies as well as some of the most beautiful tourist locations. We'll tour Stormont, Northern Ireland's parliament, and chat with members face to face. We'll pray together in Saul, the site of St. Patrick's first church in Ireland. We'll enjoy Irish culture, great fish & chips, breathtaking scenery, amazing hikes, Irish stew, and of course the best cup of tea you'll find in the world! 
Location: Lakeside Manor, Belfast, and loads of other places

Courses Offered (choose 3-no prereq's needed):

  • BBL 2043 Christian Formation (core)
  • HST 2023 Integrated Humanities II (core)
  • ART 2163 Irish Art and Culture (core & global engagement)
  • ICS 2113 Intercultural Communication (core)

Cost:  $6100 for flight, tuition, room & board, books.  

Dates:  22 May - 3 July, 2020

Complete the Application for Summer Studies 

 and submit it to International Programs Office.

Contact for more information.