Study Abroad Resources

Be Prepared for Your Study Abroad Experience!

As you prepare to study abroad, you may be excited, scared, overwhelmed, or some combination of all three. At the International Office, we want to help you feel prepared for studying abroad. So before you get overwhelmed by everything you have to do--or, worse, travel to your destination and find yourself in over your head--use the links below to help you get ready!

Timeline for Studying Abroad
This page offers a big-picture look at some helpful dates as you explore your options, decide, and embark on your study abroad adventure.

Pre-Departure Resources
Use these resources to study the culture where you're headed, find packing tips, get your passport and visa, and more.

Re-Entry Resources
Already studied abroad? Look here for activities and tips on adjusting back to life in the US.

For Parents
Are you a parent of a student going abroad? Here are some ways you can help your student prepare.