Lithuania Semester Studies

Study Abroad at Lithuania International University

Lithuania International University (LCC) is a nationally and internationally recognized liberal arts institution in the city of Klaipéda, Lithuania. Established in 1991 by a joint venture of Lithuanian, Canadian, and American foundations, LCC has distinguished itself in the region by offering a unique, future-oriented style of education and an interactive academic environment within the context of a Christian academic community.

Study abroad students select 15 to 17 credit hours from courses in Business Administration, English Language and Literature, Psychology and Theology. Students share a room with three European roommates and receive a monthly stipend for food and entertainment. The LCC study abroad program also includes an orientation week, travel throughout Lithuania, weekend trip to Riga and Tallinn, and a one-week semester break trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow. For more information, check out the Lithuania International University website.

General Information

Requirements: 2.7 GPA and sophomore standing or higher

Cost: Same as JBU tuition, room & board, plus airfare; 75% of JBU institutional aid applicable

Housing: Share a dorm room with three European room mates


  • Select five LCC courses from the course offerings. See this page for a listing of courses offered, by department. The departments are Business, English, General Studies, Lithuanian Studies, Social Sciences and Psychology, and Theology.
  • IDS/SOC 330 Cross-Cultural Seminar is a mandatory course for all Study Abroad students at LCC.
  • Consult your academic advisor to determine how LCC courses transfer to JBU.
  • You will receive Global Studies credit from JBU.

How to Apply:

1. Follow the steps on the Application Page of the Lithuania Christian College website. Please note the deadlines listed below.

2. Notify the International Office of your intent to participate by contacting Mindi Stevenson at by October 20th (spring semester deadline) or February 20th (fall semester deadline).