Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Tier One
Students may choose from approximately twenty honors course options including honors-specific Gateway. The majority of honors classes fulfill JBU's core requirements.

Tier Two
Honor students who complete a minimum of nine hours and maintain an overall 3.5 GPA or 3.75 in honors classes may promote to tier two after their sophomore year or fourth semester. Once students have promoted, they complete a total of 21 honors hours to graduate with honors.

Completion of the program is highlighted at an Honors Convocation in which honor students are awarded honor stoles and at graduation by the presentation of a special Honors Degree diploma. Presidential honor students must complete 21 hours of honors courses, including a senior thesis (capstone) project in their major or minor. Students who graduate with University Honors, must complete 21 hours of honors courses but are not required to complete a senior thesis (capstone) project. All honor students must maintain a 3.5 (or 3.75 honors) GPA to graduate from the program.

Honors Courses 

Freshman and Sophomore:
BBL 1083   Honors: Old Testament Survey   Fall Semester
BBL 1093   Honors: New Testament Survey   Spring Semester
BBL 2083   Honors: Integrated Theology I   Fall Semester - Odd Years
BBL 2093   Honors: Integrated Theology II   Springs Semester - Even Years
BIO 1093   Honors: Biological Science   Spring Semester
EGL 1083   English I: Honors Composition   Fall Semester
EGL 1093   English II: Honors Lit Analysis/Research   Spring Semester
HON 2591   Honors: Colloquium   Every Semester
HST 2083   Honors: Integrated Humanities I   Fall Semester
HST 2093   Honors: Integrated Humanities II   Spring Semester
ICS 2193   Honors: Intercultural Communication   Spring Semester
PPE 2113   Philosophy, Politics, and Economics I   Fall Semester - Even Years
PPE 2133   Philosophy, Politics, and Economics II   Springs Semester - Odd Years
PSY 1093   Honors: Introductory Psychology   Fall Semester
Junior and Senior:        
HON 3111   Honors: Introduction to Capstone   Fall Semester
HON 3591   Honors: Colloquium   Every Semester
HON 3691   Honors: Practicum   Every Semester
HON 4193   Honors Capstone Project   Every Semester
HON 4693   Honors Class Contract   Every Semester
HON 4913   Honors Co-Teachings: Readings   Every Semester
HON 4923   Honors Co-Teachings: Classroom Practicum   Every Semester

Recommended: 3 hours of thesis in the major on upper level (not required).


Capstone Requirements 

The purpose of the Presidential Capstone project is to provide students in honors the opportunity to conduct research based on their specific interests, gifts, passions or goals within their discipline. Projects can include musical compositions, short stories, illustrations and research papers. Students work one-on-one with a faculty member in their major to select, research, write and complete the Presidential Capstone usually during their junior or senior year. The project is often considered equivalent to a graduate-level assignment and allows the student to demonstrate competence for graduate school or employment.

Presidential Capstone Requirements
Honors: Intro to Capstone course (CR3111) is required during the fall semester before beginning the project. To complete the requirements, the final project must be presented to the JBU community at Celebration of Academic Excellence. An accompanying Faith and Integration Essay--which explains how the student's research and faith influence one another--must also be presented to the community.

Formatting Guidelines
Students are required to submit their completed Presidential Capstone electronically to the HSP Office the Friday before finals week. Each project must have a title page with the project's title, the student's name, the supervising professor's name and the date of submission. The paper must be formatted to a 1.5" left margin. All other margins should be 1 inch. A 12-point, Times New Roman font, must appear double-spaced throughout. The body of the paper is to be formatted according to the specific style guidelines of the student's academic discipline.

The supervising professor will send final assessment rubrics and project assessment to the HSP Office prior to graduation.


Every year, JBU honors students have the opportunity to present their research at recognized research conferences across the country. In the 2018-19 school year alone, students presented their work at 26 regional presentations and 23 national presentations.