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Why get your MBA in cybersecurity at JBU?

Organizations need cybersecurity experts who know how to protect data. An online MBA in cybersecurity will help you bridge the gap between the cybersecurity team and senior organizational leadership. You'll learn how to communicate and lead teams through risk mitigation and security policy as well as gain an understanding of finance, marketing, and economics.

Enjoy a flexible format

Complete your coursework on your schedule 100% online. The program is 36-45 credit hours long, depending on whether you have undergraduate coursework in a business-related field. 

Learn from the best

JBU's cybersecurity faculty are working professionals in a rapidly changing field. 

Join a rapidly growing field

The cybersecurity field is constantly growing and changing due to the growing number of cyber threats.

Earn your MBA in Cybersecurity

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Cybersecurity combines functional training with training in cybersecurity. It is designed for those who want to be a liaison between the cybersecurity team and organizational leadership.

Admission Requirements

  • An undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher (4.0=A).
  • Undergraduate coursework in finance, accounting, statistics, and economics (only needed to enroll in the 36-credit hour MBA)
  • No entrance exam is required.

MBA Requirements

  • 36-45 total credit hours, depending on undergraduate coursework.
    • 24 credit hours of MBA core requirements
    • 12 credit hours for the cybersecurity concentration
  • Students typically graduate within 2 years

MBA Classes

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Is an MBA in cybersecurity for me?

The MBA in cybersecurity program is for people who may not have a technical cybersecurity background but want to be a liaison between the cybersecurity team and organizational leadership as well as learn to lead the company to achieve business goals and objectives. 

Looking to grow your technical skills? Check out the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program. 

What to expect as a cybersecurity graduate student at JBU


Learn from cybersecurity specialists

Faculty with real-world cybersecurity experience from a variety of different fields (healthcare, government, education, etc.) will teach you how to protect your organization's data from cyber threats. When you graduate, you'll be equipped to lead a team or organization to mitigate cyber-risks and achieve business objectives. 


Up-to-date content

The field is constantly changing. Because of this, content in the cybersecurity MBA is constantly being revised to present students with relevant information. 


Advance your career

For those seeking to expand their role in the IT sector, an MBA in cybersecurity will expand your knowledge and leadership potential. 

Featured Faculty

Dr. Ted Song, chief diversity officer, chair of engineering, computer science and cybersecurity, associate professor of engineering

Dr. Ted Song serves as chair of the Engineering, computer science, and Cybersecurity Departments and is a recipient of the 2012 Texas Exes Teaching Award and the 2018 JBU Faculty Excellence Award. He received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and his M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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