Faithful Givers

Honoring those who have given to the JBU Scholarship Fund for 20 years or $10,000 and greater.

Ida Adolphson
Mac and Ruth Aipperspach
T.W. and Barbara Akins
Marian Alexander
Gary and Kathy (Bunnel) Allen
Rick and Terry Allen
Elaine Altergott
Jamie and Polly Anderson
Dave and Cindy Andrus
Jim and Margaret Antz
Gus and Glenna Arnold
Rusty and Melody (Clements) Artz
Jack and Ramona Augustine
Lynn and Allyson Aylesworth
James and Karen Babcock
Bea Badalich
Maxine Baker
Jay and Janet Ballard
Tim and Sheryl Baltz
Lee and Alice Balzer
Estate of Una Barkley
Buddie and Debby Barnes
Jim and Priscilla Barnes
Ruth Beal
John and Donna Bechtel
Don and Joyce Becker
Steve and Jane Beers
David and Beth Benware
Jim and Barbara Berger
Jack and Donna Berggren
Jeff and Kelly Berggren
Bill and Donna Berry
Melvin and Jerry Sue Berthold
Bob and Lorene Bethell
Jay and Maya Betz
Estate of J.E. Bishop
Estate of Linnie Bishop
William and Alice Blackburn
Larry and Diana Bland
Jon and Elaine Blankmeyer
Wayne and Debbie Blasi
Peggy (Carr) Bodie
Mildred Boettcher
Jay and Mary Bohlender
Paul and Donna Bond
Jim and Bea Book
Donald and Ruth Boone
Joel and Cortney Borgan
Walter and Coleen Bosch
Louis and Joyce Bowers
Andy and Donna Bowling
Mark and Kristen Bowling
John and Barbara Bragg
Marlin and Sally Brallier
Bill and Joyce Brasington
David and Susan Brisben
Glenn and Mary Broadfield
Fred and Janet Broling
Scott Broughton
Eric and Cheryl Brown
Hester Brown
John Brown III and Stephania Brown
Mark and Holly Brown
Ida Jean Bryant
Don and Deloris Bubna
Joyce Buck
Gil and Grace Buller
Ralph and Evelyn Bunnel
Charles Butler
Doyle and Edie Butts
Frances Byrd
Jim and Barb Caldwell
Janet Calhoon
Dick and Mary Campbell
Timothy and Patricia Campbell
Jerry and Donna Carlin
Keith and Julie Carlson
Sharon Carlyle
Cy Carney
Bob and Gloria Carson
Ana Cayce
David and Ann Chatlain
Charles and Christina Chen
Joe and Joanne Christoff
Andrew and Jana Churko
Bruce and Carol Clark
John and Jessie Clark
Jonathan and Erika (Siomara) Clark
Price and Debbie Cleaver
Philip and Freda Clements
Lloyd and Joy Cobb
A.C. and Shirley Cockerham
Reba Cockerham
Glen and Brenda Collard
Buddie and Sharon Conley
David and Sharon Cox
Virgle and Virginia Craig
Paul and Helen Crall
Don and Sheree Crandall
Jim and Frances Crawford
Dwight and Sherry Creasman
Dan and Judy Crenshaw
Loye and Faith Crenshaw
Roger and Jan Cross
Doris Culberson
Larry and Carole Culberson
Robert and Carolyn Cupp
Kenneth and Betty Dale
David and Sally Dams
Peter and Bettye Jane Davey
Dickie Dean
Lee and Barbara Demarais
Eric and Jane Denial
Dan and Molly DeVries
David and Marcia DeVries
Helen DeVries
Vernon and Pauline DeVries
Estate of Kathleen Hembree Dewey
Rodrigo and Maria Diaz
Delbert and Dorothy Dick
Al and Brenda Dickason
Darrell and Jeanne Didier
Bill and Mary Diedrich
Michael Dohle
Charles and Maggie Eckhardt
Vincent and Priscilla Eisaman
Pete and Mary Lou Ekstrom
Larry and Dorine Eldred
Earl and Cora Eldridge
Kim and Terri Eldridge
Paul and Laurie Eldridge
Pete and Arlene Eldridge
Gary Elliott
Eric and Ardus Endres
Frank and Ardith Endres
Roy and Nancy Englebrecht
Phil and Nikki Ephraim
Harry and Olive Epperson
Ed and Melinda Ericson
Ron and Judy Ezell
Louise Fager
Jim and Marge Feaster
Keith and Miriam Feaster
James and Beverly Ferguson
Steve and Eva Fincher
Cecil Flack
Diane Fleenor
Florence Fleenor
Mary Kathryn "Toadie" Ford
Rollin and Sandie Ford
Timothy and Marie Forget
Fred and Carol Fowler
Randy and Debbie Fowler
Doug and Tabitha Free
Eric and Laurie Freeman
Connie (Baker) Freriks
Estate of Jewell Clark Frietzsche
Dick and Janet Funderburk
John and Ruth Gage
Irene Gehman
Cameron and Amber Geiger
Bill and Mary Eva George
James and Soni Getz
Betty Jean Gibbs
Ruth Gibbs
Galen and Elnora Gilbert
James and Phyllis Gilbert
Jack and Marty (Bunnel) Golden
Jeannie Goodrich
Richard and Loyce Goodrum
Billy Graham
John Graves
Kenneth Griffith
Helen Gross
Brent and Mindy Grusing

Gary and Mary Ann Guinn
Bob and Pat Gustavson
Kelly and Kim Hadley
Carl and Betty Haetten
Faye Hall
David and Ruth Hallowell
John and Esther Hamm
Marybelle Handley
James and Ricki Hanna
Wayne and Lynette Hardy
Ronald and Juanita Harmon
Dan and Lois Harvey
Paul and Lynne Harvey
Don and Brenda Haxel
Lawrence and Marjorie (Shipley) Haynes
Lawson and Debbie Hembree
John and Carol Hentschel
Linda Herman
Lois Hildreth
John and Jeanette Hill
Wes and Allison Hilliard
Beverly Holcomb
Keith and Denise Holmberg
Estate of Edith A. Horne
Greg and Julie Hornok
Herb and Ann Hornstra
Miriam Howard
Rodger Howard
Elbert and Jeanne Hubbard
Elizabeth Hudson
Allen and Janet Hunter
George and Marie Hurte
Hoy and Geraldine Hutcheson
Richard Hutcheson
Ed Hutton
Scott Isaac
Janie (Bunnel) Ives
Bob and Kathryn Jackson
Bobby and Wanda Jackson
Kay Jackson
Sharia Jackson
Daniel and Lori Jacobson
Doug and Dawn Jacobson
Janine Jacques
Erik and Genevieve Jaeger
Dorothy Jelley
Walter and Wilmalien Jesser
Stephen and Shirley Jewett
Charlotte Jobe
Barry Johnson
Gerry and Glenda Johnson
Steve Johnson
Larry and Ruth Johnston
Dr. Ron and Valo (Christensen) Jones
Travis and Marlene Jones
Elaine Jury
Michael and Gail Kairis
John and Mary Ann Karlesky
Doug and Sheila Keating
Raymond and Ruth Keating
Paula Keeth
Maxine Kell
Dale and Gaye Kelly
Dean and Ruth Kerns
Charles and Cheryl Kester
Paul and Lois Kimball
Mike and Peggy King
Phillip and Joanne King
James Kirk
Bill and Rosie Kitchen
Lois Klem
Timothy and Liz Kline
Jack and Krista Knapil
John and Clydell Knoner
Tim and Donna Kooi
Brian and Lavonda (McIlvain) Kopsa
David and Juanita Korte
Jim and Pam Krall
Ron and Janie Kuehn
Bob and Joy Kulvicki
Mark and Stephine Lacey
Manny and Arlene Laidig
Joseph and Diane (Jackson) LaMonica
Ellis and Becky (Haynes) Landreth
Lee and Nancy Lane
Marjorie Langley
Rod and Val Learned
Alan and Beth Lee
Carolyn Lee
David and Christy Lehenbauer
Harry and Minnie Lehman
Roy and Lois Lehman
Estate of Mabel Lehmann
Mick and Patty Leibold
Faith Leissner
Jack and Frances Leonard
Dave and Leslie LeVan
Loren Lippincott
Michael and Becky Little
Bob and Sylvia Lloyd
Charles and Nancy Lock
Gurney and Eurdine Lowe
Fred and Ruth Ludwig
Robert and Judith Luff
Pearl Magnuson
Mark and Tracey Mahoney
Ron and Carole Maines
Jim and Marcia Malliet
Vic and LaVerne Marshall
Herb and Vonda Martin
Don and Pat Marts
Jay and Lynda Martyn
Angelo Masi
Roger and Donna Mast
Phyllis Masters
Don and Carol Mathus
Haynie and Paige Mayhew
Charles and Frances McCarthy
Dick and Barbara McCartney
Denny and Susie McClain
Staples McClendon
Estate of B. McClure
John and Judy McCullough
Larry and Bev McDaniel
Priscilla McGarrah
Bill and Ila McIlvain
Edward and Roberta McIntyre
Peter and Kara McIntyre
Peggy (Ward) McNally
Boyce and Alice McQuay
Michael and Phyllis McReynolds
Richard and Jean Medlock
Gary and Laurie Meisner
Arthur Michaelson
Denny and Susie Milgate
Lois Miller
Charles and Madeline Minear
Raymond Mitchell
Kenneth and Ramona Mizer
Allen and Arminta Moll
Steve and Donna Molnar
Ralph and Helen Monts
Don and Jane (Buttermore) Moore
Lee and Linda Moore
John and Joallen Moose
Terry and Mary Moose
Sam and April Moreton
Victor and Jennifer Morgan
Mike and Kathy Moss
Don and Janis Mullikin
Bob and Marti Munce
Barbara Murphy
Gwyn Myers
Bill and Janet Naramore
Jake and Teri Naramore
Jim and Karen Naramore
Thomas and Darlene Nash
Keith and Debbie Nebel
Curtis and Linda Nelson
Dan and Connie Neuenswander
Doug and Pam Neufeld
Milton and Ruth Norris
Doris Nowels
Estate of Neal O. O'Connor
Frances O'Hornett
Ted and Helen Olvis
Steve and Amy Onnen
Ernie and Grace Otto
Gene and Frances Palmer
Carlos and Nancy Pardeiro
Bob Parker
Bob and Esther Parker
Cheryl L. (Guyer) Parker
Wayne and Janie Parker
Ken and Joyce Parlin

Ken Patrum
Phil Paxton
George Pearce
Jim and Melly Pearson
Bruce and Enid Penner
Charles and Dorothy Pentz
John and Ruth Perry
Nick and Robyn Petelski
Marvin and Donna Peters
David and Lynne Peterson
Sally Peterson
George Phelps
Ed and Jane Phillips
Elwyn and Margaret Phillips
Faye Phillips
Karen Phillips
Mel and Jan Phillips
Wendall Phillips
Cal and Stephanie Piston
Bill and Judy Pollard
Chip and Carey Pollard
Ray and Betty Pontier
Albert and Rhonda Porter
Phil and Leslie Porter
D.L. and Ethel Powell
Dennis Pryce
Dan and Carol Qualman
Brian and Lorinda Quick
Dave and Becky Rader
Karen Rader
Maurice and Mary Rankin
Gary and Glenda Ratzlaff
Samuel and Mary Reed
Scott and LaDonna Rees
Chuck and Blanche Reid
Ed and Jane Renfrow
Estate of Donald C. Rennie
Mickey and Merrild Richmond
Harris and Karla Ringeisen
John and Dorothy Robinson
Rick and Karen Roethke
Doug and Margaret Rogers
Louis and Betty Rolfs
Jerry and Donna Rollene
Ruth (Smith) Ronan
Bob and Marie Rose
Gary and Kenna Rose
W. Mike and Deann Ross
Efrain and Mariela Rovira
Richard and Anne Ruble
Doug and Kathy Russell
Jim and April Ryan
H. David and Sandra Sabin
Lee and Glen Sale
Faith and David Salyer
Rod and Christi Sanders
Don Ray Sangster
Chris and Galina Saye
Hugh and Rosemary Saye
Martin and Sandra Schifferdecker
Roger and Donna Schimke
Nate and Bonnie Schroeder
Dorothy Scott
Howard and Helen Seal
Ed and Helen Seiford
Craig and Sue Sengstock
Dick and Sue Senzig
Eric and Rebecca Seyller
Kate Shafer
Bob and Von Sheridan
David and Holly Siemens
Donald and Barbara Silvis
Mark and Diane Simmons
Gordon and Josephine Singles
Jim and Patty Skinner
Raymond and Beverly Sloan
Drue and Lisa Smallwood
Wes and Carol Smelley
Mark Smidt
Barney and Verma Smiley
Bill and Joan Smith
Don and Helen Smith
Grace Smith
Jim and Debra Snyder
Ray and Patricia Soden
Don and Jo Soderquist
Mary Frances Speakes
Randall and Anna Spear
Marvin and Debbie Spees
John and Carol Spenst
Cal and Marian Spivey
Dave and Mollie Steensland
Ralph and Anait Stephens
Bob and Rita Stevens
Bill and Sandra Stockton
John and Gladys Storm
Leland and Ireane Stratton
Brad and Marla Stringer
Dode Stroud
Bill and Dorothy Stumbo
Estate of Norris C. Taylor
Bill and Alice Thorpe
Shawn and Andrea Toenyes
Jim and Karla Tolson
Rocky and Arlene Tovey
George and Norma Townsend
David and Betty True
Lucille Truitt
Bill and Joyce Tucker
Frank and Sarah Tucker
Terry and Laah Tucker
John and Katie Tuttle
Kerrick and Connie Tweedy
Ed and Nancy Van Gulick
Sandy Van Thiel
Al and Shirley Voth
Don and Sharon Wahlmeier
Bill and Missi Walker
Bob and Barbara Walker
Don and Sheroll Walker
Eddie and Gerean Walker
Gus Walker
Jim and Meredith Walker
Willard and Pat Walker
Carl and Marcia Walter
Jim and Ann Walters
Jim and Lynda Walters
Earl and Donna Walton
Guy and Pat Ward
Phil and Ruth Ward
Mark and Karen Warner
Bob and Sharon Wasson
Marion and Bobbie Wasson
Harry and Norma Jean Waterhouse
June Watson
Ted and Jane Weathers
Roy Webster
Dick and Annie Weiss
Storm and Jane Whaley
Jimmy and Laverne Whitaker
Bruce Wilcox
David and Melanie Wilkinson
Bruce and Joyce Williams
Don and Nancy Williams
Jeffrey and Karen Williams
Keith and Vicky Williamson
Charles and Clara Lou Willis
Mark and Diane Willits
Nathan and June Willits
Stephen and Kristen Willits
Paul and Margaret Wills
Charles and Donna Wilson
Dave and Glenda Wilson
Mike Wilson
Windgate Foundation
Ken and Jan Winebrenner
Esther Wingo
Joe and Carolyn Witty
John and Carolyn Wojakowski
Jack and Patty Woll
Mark and Lucy Wood
Lola Woodard
Luella Woodward
Peter and Judy Wozniuk
Terri R. and Jan H. Wubbena
Myron and Pat Yancey
Dan and Tanya Yoder
Dorothy (David) Young
Marie Young
Vern and Mary Young
Dale and Ginny Zank
Paul and Kathy Zheng
David Ziemer
Gordon and Joan Zoschke