VA Education Benefits

John Brown University values the brave people who have served and continue to serve in our nation's military. We strive to support service members and veterans as they pursue a college education and utilize their VA education benefits.

What VA education benefits can I use at JBU?

JBU accepts all VA education benefits, and our staff will personally assist you through the process. Some of these benefits include:

  • Tuition Assistance
  • GI Bill®
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Survivors' & Dependents' Educational Assistance Program
  • ESL Resources
  • Tutoring
  • Counseling Services

How do I apply for my VA education benefits?

To apply, please visit You may also complete a paper copy of the appropriate form (see below for help selecting the correct form). Once complete, scan and email it to or fax it to 479-524-7278, and our office will see that it is forwarded to the VA Regional Office in Muskogee.

Other frequently asked questions

What benefit type do I use?
  • Chapter 1606 – Active Duty Benefits
  • Chapter 30 – Montgomery GI Bill® – both for active duty and retired
  • Chapter 33 – Post 9/11
  • Chapter 31 – Veteran Readiness and Employment – Veterans with a service-related disability
  • Chapter 35 – Dependent, Survivor educational benefits – High school seniors potentially could have an educational benefit available to them during their senior year. Please have the student contact the Certifying Official.

If you are unsure of your education benefit type, please contact JBU Veteran Services at or (479) 524-7103.

What form do I use?

For chapters 1606, 30 and 33:

  • If you are the veteran, and you have never used your benefits before you will complete a form 22-1990 – Application for Education Benefits.
  • If you are the veteran and you have used your benefits, you will need to complete a form 22-1995 – Change of Program.
  • If you are the dependent of the veteran and Chapter 33 – Post 9/11 benefits are being transferred to you (Transfer of Eligibility - ToE), the service member or veteran must first apply with the Department of Defense to transfer benefits. Once the DoD has approved the transfer, the dependent should apply using the form 22-1990E – Application for Education Benefits.
  • If transferred benefits have previously been used at a different college or university, you will apply using the form 22-1995E.

For chapter 35 (Survivors and Dependents):

  • If you have never used the benefits before you will complete a form 22-5490 – Application for benefits.
  • If you have used the benefits before, you will need to complete a form 22-5495 – Change of program.

For chapter 31 (Veteran Readiness & Employment):

  • Contact your VR&E counselor.

For Tuition Assistance:

  • Please provide a copy of your approved Tuition Assistance forms to the School Certifying Official.

For Tuition Assistance/TopUp:

  • TopUp is selected as a part of the Tuition Assistance process. Please notify the School Certifying Official of your intent to use TopUp. Within approximately 30 days of completion of your application, the VA should send you a Certificate of Eligibility.

What do I do with the Certificate or Letter of Eligibility from the VA?

Please provide a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility to JBU Veteran Services. Please keep the original for your own records. The copy can be scanned and emailed to, faxed to (479) 524-7278 or taken to the Registrar’s Office at the JBU main campus.

What VA payments will I receive?
  • Chapter 1606, 30 and 35 provide benefit payments to the student.
  • Chapter 33 provides tuition payments to JBU. Monthly housing allowance and a book stipend are paid to the student.
  • Chapter 31 provides payments to JBU. Chapter 31 stipend is paid to the student.
  • Tuition Assistance is paid to JBU. TopUp can be paid to JBU (Chapter 33) or can be paid to the student (Chapter 1606 or 30).

How long does it take for the VA to pay me?

Currently the VA has been paying students approximately 30 days after the beginning of the term. Some payments take up to 60 days. Processing depends on the number of claims the Muskogee Regional Office is processing at any given time. Fall term processing tends to be a bit slower than Spring term processing.

Where should I direct questions? How do I contact JBU's Certifying Official?

Please contact JBU Veteran Services at or (479) 524-7103.

More information about VA education benefits

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

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