Financial aid policies

Financial aid policies may vary by your degree program. For relevant information, please view the financial aid policy section of the appropriate catalog:

Return of Aid Policy

If a student who is eligible to receive financial aid withdraws or drops hours after enrollment, all or part of the financial aid awarded may have to be repaid. Students who withdraw and have not attended any classes will not receive any financial assistance.

The withdrawal process begins by contacting the Vice President of Student Affairs in the Student Development Office.

If you are a federal aid recipient and withdraw on or before the 60 percent point of the semester, your financial aid eligibility will be recalculated according to the "Return of Title IV Funds" policy. A portion of the total of federal funds awarded to you must be returned, which may result in your owing a balance to JBU and/or the federal government.

Students may obtain a copy of these policies and written refund examples from the Financial Aid Office.

Transferring Aid to JBU

Have you received federal aid elsewhere based on the current year's FAFSA?

Due to federal regulations, students may only receive federal aid at one institution at a time. If you are interested in receiving aid at two institutions during this school year, complete the following steps to transfer your aid to JBU:

1.  Add JBU's school code of 001100 to your current FAFSA. JBU should receive your FAFSA results a few days thereafter.  Note: you must have already submitted your JBU application for financial aid to be processed.

2. Email our Financial Aid Office, and provide documentation of the aid already received at your other school and the period in which it was received. For example "I have received a $100 Pell Grant, a $1,000 subsidized loan, and a $1,000 unsubsidized loan at ABC College during fall 2017, and I will not be receiving any aid at ABC institution spring 2018."

After submitting both of these items, we can generate your financial aid award at JBU.

If you have accepted aid at another institution for the period you will now be attending JBU, be sure to notify that institution that you wish to cancel the aid for that period.

Book vouchers for qualifying Pell-eligible students

A Pell-eligible student whose financial aid exceeds the charges on their student account may request a book voucher from the Business Office. The student can use this voucher to purchase required books and supplies at the JBU bookstore.

Consumer information

Federal regulations require that John Brown University provide you with links to important consumer information regarding JBU. View JBU's consumer information.

JBU's financial aid code of conduct

As a member of NASFAA, JBU abides by this code of conduct.