Get help paying for JBU

Discover scholarships, grants and work-study programs (all forms of financial aid that don't have to be repaid) that can significantly reduce the cost of your education. Loans, borrowed responsibly to attend a high-value university like JBU, can also be a helpful tool in financing your college education.

Scholarships + grants

Scholarships and grants are awards that do not need to be repaid. Some awards are offered based on merit and others are based on financial need.


Work-Study provides on-campus part-time jobs for students. It is awarded based on financial need. Money is earned for hours worked and does not need to be repaid.


Loans must be repaid with interest. Federal Direct Loans are offered regardless of financial need, though more favorable terms may be available to students who demonstrate need on the FAFSA.

Applying for admission is the first step to getting financial aid

How to get your financial aid offer

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