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Completing the FAFSA outside of the United States

As you complete your FAFSA, please note the following:

  1. When completing the Untaxed Income section of the FAFSA, be sure to notice the question for "Housing and other living allowances paid to members of the clergy." Any housing or other type of living allowance that is not included in your W-2 wages (but is reported to the IRS Schedule SE) should be included in the Untaxed Income section FAFSA).
  2. Since the analysis builds in an allowance for your FICA tax, it is important that you do not include self-employment tax on FAFSA question 86. On question 86, use only the amount from form 1040 line 55.
  3. If you also pay tax to the country in which you reside, do not include this amount on line 85.  

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