Reapplying to JBU

Apply in just 15 minutes

Applying to JBU is quick and easy. Fill out the online application then connect with your admission counselor, and you'll receive an admission decision within as little as a week!

Readmission requirements

To be readmitted, you must submit an application and be in good academic standing.

Application deadlines

None. JBU makes admission decisions on a rolling basis (students are notified of their admission throughout the year). However, there are important dates to keep in mind.

Application fees

The $25 application fee is waived for reapplicants.

How to apply

  1. Complete the JBU application

    Start-to-finish, the application takes less than 15 minutes! Be sure to indicate that you are a reapplicant on the Enrollment Information section of the application.

  2. Connect with your admission counselor

    Upon submitting your application, your admission counselor will request to connect with you. Please reply and schedule a time to connect with them so that they may move your readmission process forward.

  3. Get your admission decision

    After you connect with your admission counselor, they will confirm that you are in good academic standing. In most cases, you'll receive an admission decision within a week.

After you apply

  1. Complete the FAFSA form

    You'll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for federal financial aid, including federal student loans and work-study. It is also required for certain state scholarships, such as the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, and JBU uses your results to offer its own need-based aid.

    To send your results to JBU, add JBU (federal code 001100) to your FAFSA form on the School Selection page.

  2. Review your financial aid offer

    JBU begins sending financial aid offers to newly admitted students as early as October! You will be notified when your offer is ready and may use your applicant portal to review and accept it. 

  3. Submit your enrollment deposit

    Reapplicants must submit an enrollment deposit whether they intend to live on or off campus.

Important dates (fall 2023)

Date Deadline
Oct. 1 FAFSA opens
Oct. 2 Financial aid awarding begins
Nov. 1 Deadline to complete your application file for consideration for an invitation to the Fall Scholarship Competition
Dec. 1 Deadline to apply and be eligible to participate in the Early Commit Track
Jan. 15 Deadline to commit to JBU as part of the Early Commit Track
Jan. 25 Deadline to complete your application file for consideration for an invitation to the Spring Scholarship Competition
May 1 Priority enrollment deposit deadline
Jun. 10 Eagle Base Camp
Aug. 16 New Student Move-In Day
Aug. 16–20 New Student Orientation
Aug. 21 First day of classes