On-Campus Undergraduate Enrollment Deposit

Confirm your enrollment

We're thrilled that you've decided to become a JBU Golden Eagle! We look forward to seeing how you will help shape the JBU community.

Deposit early for priority housing placement and class registration

Depositing sooner could be the difference between 8 a.m. biology and 2 p.m. biology.

What is a deposit?

A deposit is a relatively small sum of money that officially holds your spot in the incoming class.

How much is the deposit?

Before January 1: $200
January 1 – February 28: $250
March 1 – August Enrollment: $300

Note: Submitting a deposit costs money, but it's not an additional charge. When you pay a $300 deposit, your balance for your first semester will decrease by $300.

When should I deposit?

The New Student Tuition/Housing Deposit submission can be completed at any time during the application process, but the earlier you do it, the higher priority you'll have for housing placement and class registration.

Depositing now instead of next month could be the difference between 7 a.m. classes and 11 a.m. classes.

Do I have to know which dorm I want to live in before I deposit? What happens if I change my mind later?

You do not need to know what dorm you want to live in before you deposit. Once you deposit, we will ask for your housing preference, but you may change it later.

The deposit date will determine the priority level you receive when JBU assigns housing. While JBU will attempt to place students in their preferred residence hall, in the case that a hall is full, spots will be assigned to students in the order in which they submitted their deposits.

What happens if my college plans change?

The deposit is fully refundable until May 1 of the summer before fall classes begin.

What does my deposit do?

For all students

The date you deposit sets your class registration priority, so the earlier, the better. In addition to reserving your spot in the incoming class, it also covers your orientation fee.

For on-campus students

The enrollment deposit also serves as your room deposit, so the date you deposit sets your priority for housing placement. The earlier you deposit, the more likely you'll be placed in your first-choice residence hall.

The deposit form asks for housing preferences, so if you're unsure which residence hall to pick, watch this overview of housing options for incoming students or explore all the options on your own.

For off-campus students

The deposit also covers an off-campus student's orientation fee, with the leftover going toward the first-semester cost. Students are required to live on campus unless they are 22 years of age or older, married, a senior (90 credit hours) or living with parents.

The deposit form includes a commuter notification form which will inform JBU of where you are living.