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Summer B

June 28–August 20
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New Testament Survey - BBL 1023
An introduction to the history and message of the New Testament. The class provides an academic overview of each book, its context and significant themes, with challenges and applications to Christian faith and discipleship.

Essentials of Christian Formation - BBL 2022
Essentials of Christian Formation challenges students to embody their faith while assessing God’s call to live for Christ through assignments designed to develop lifelong Christian spiritual practices and habits that help them to love God and others.

Prerequisites: BBL 1013 or BBL 1083, and BBL 1023 or BBL 1093 


Principles of Management - MGT 2173
A study of basic principles of leadership and management from historical and contemporary perspectives. Topics include a discussion of the theories, concepts, interrelationships, moral dimensions, character, functions, and skills required to lead and manage in today’s organizations.

Computer Science

Introduction to Computing - CS 1113
An introduction to algorithmic problem solving in the context of a modern programming language. Such topics as problem-solving strategies, basic data structures, data and procedural abstraction, and algorithm complexity are discussed. Three hours lecture-discussion per week. An additional fee may be associated with this course.

Prerequisites: minimum ACT math score of 24, or minimum SAT math score of 580, or CLT math score of at least 21, or MTH 1113

Integrated Humanities

Integrated Humanities II - HST 2023
This interdisciplinary course explores how the humanities, through many varied types of Great Texts, examine human experiences and raise questions of enduring value and meaning. The second semester focuses on the history and literature of civilizations from the Renaissance to the modern period. 

Prerequisite: EGL 1013

Intercultural Engagement Core Electives

Intercultural Communications - ICS 2113
A study of the process of interpersonal communication in one’s own culture and the principles of effective communication within another cultural context. Attention is given to values, ethnocentricity, nonverbal communication, and change. Meets the Intercultural Engagement requirement of the Core Curriculum.


Introduction to Statistics - MTH 1003
A course to give students an understanding of the concepts of statistics and tools to become critical readers of current issues involving quantitative data. Applications of the use of data from a wide variety of professions, public policy, and everyday life are made. The course focuses on methods of producing data, organizing data, and drawing conclusions from data. Topics include descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, correlation, regression, inference, and significance. Selected topics in research design and the consumer price index are also taught. Meets the Mathematics requirement of the Core Curriculum.

Prerequisite: minimum ACT math score of 19, or SAT math score of at least 480, or MTH 0153

Natural Science

Earth Science - GSC 1143
Introductory survey of topics in geology, astronomy, oceanology, and meteorology. Earth materials and processes of geology are emphasized. Three hours lecture-discussion-demonstration per week. 

Social & Behavioral Sciences Core Electives

Developmental Psychology - PSY 2413
A study of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of the human from conception through adulthood. Meets the Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement of the Core Curriculum.

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