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Abila & the Decapolis

       (Provides general information about the Decapolis)

Rome and the Decapolis
       (Brief historical background on the Decapolis)

Abila of the Decapolis, Jordan
       (Short description about Abila's history and pictures by Michael Fuller)

       (Hippos (Susita) - Excavation Project)

       (Pictures of the excavation at Pella)

       (Artifacts and pictures of Jerash)

       (Pictures of Damascus)

       (Arifacts and landmarks in Gadara)

       (Artifacts and sites in Canatha)

       (Pictures of its remnants in modern day Amman)

       (Pictures of its remnants in modern day Beit Ras)


American Center of Oriental Research
       (ACOR is a world renown research institute in Amman, Jordan)

Yarmouk University
       (Provides information about the institution and more)

University of Jordan
       (Information about the university and more)

Tribute to King Hussein
       (Provides interesting information about Jordan)

Societies & Organizations

Near East Archaeological Society
       (Site promotes Biblical Archaeological-Ancient Historical subjects and information on the organization)

American Center of Oriental Research
       (The largest archaeological research institution in Amman, Jordan)

American Schools of Oriental Research
       (Promotes education on the ancient Near Eastern world)

Biblical Archaeology Society
       (Provides information on their exciting periodicles, travel, marketplace, digs, and more)

Associates for Biblical Research
       (Shows list index for area dealing primarily with Biblical Archaeological investigation)

CenturyOne Books
       (This a wonderful place for finding ancient resources for your personal library)

       (An online guide to the world of Biblical Archaeology)

Society of Biblical Literature
       (Promotes critical investigation of Biblical and Near Eastern literature)

Horn Archaeological Museum/Institute of Archaeology
       (Coordinates archaeological field research and facilitates archaeological curriculum)

Oriental Institute
       (Provides list index for ancient Near Eastern resources at the University of Chicago)

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
       (Discover collections and exhibitions of ancient Near Eastern history)


Journal of Near Eastern Studies
       (Devoted exclusively to ancient and Medeival civilizations of the Near Eastern world)

       (Deals exclusively with culture, history, personalities, arts and monuments of ancient Egypt)

Bulletin of the Asia Institute
       (Art, archaeology, numismatics, history, and languages of ancient Near East and Central Asia)

       (This is a popular magazine which provides a wide variety of topics in the world of archaeology)


Oriental Institute Research Archives (ABZU)
       (Guide to resources for the study of the Ancient Near East available on the Internet)

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
       (Focuses on the early Christian writings and their social world)

       (Provides dozens of links and resources on ancient Near Eastern history)

Near and Middle East Archaeology
       (Large index of links covering a wide range of archaeological fields)

The Perseus Project
       (A digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world)


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