$10 Million Endowment Match

The $10 Million Endowment Match was launched on January 1, 2013, by an anonymous donor to encourage endowment growth for scholarships, programs, and endowed chairs. John Brown University is committed to increase the university’s scholarships to help deserving students as they pursue a Christ-centered college education.

Endowed Scholarships

Have you ever thought about leaving a legacy through an endowed scholarship that will support current and future generations of Endowed scholarships are key to making JBU affordable for studentsdeserving JBU students? Matching funds are now available for qualifying gifts. Click here to learn more about endowed scholarships.

Endowed scholarships features include:

  1. Naming rights to the scholarship. 

  2. Through the criteria selection process, the privilege to choose the type of student that will receive the scholarship each year.

  3. The anonymous donor has three minimum requirements for the criteria in order to be eligible for matching funds as part of the $10 Million Endowment Match.
  • Student recipients shall:
    1. Be of good character
    2. Have financial need
    3. Have a minimum ACT score of 21 or cumulative GPA of 2.5

You are then free to add other requirements as you desire, assuming those requirements comply with JBU’s scholarship guidelines and IRS rules and regulations. 


Matching funds are available for certain qualifying programs as part of the $10 Million Endowment Match. Contact JBU’s Development Office at 800-446-2450 to learn more.

Endowed Chairs

Matching funds are available for qualifying gifts to provide a permanent revenue stream for a faculty position through an endowed chair. To learn more about this gift opportunity, contact JBU’s Development Office at 800-446-2450.