Grad: Counseling Team Effort

Students identify with each other in a nurturing, supportive environment.


Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): We are really invested with one another, personally and clinically speaking.
Emma Myers (Student): I like that, I don’t know, it feels like we’re all together, you know. It doesn’t feel really separate.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): The fellow students are the people that we’re going to be working with pretty much as our colleagues for the rest of our career.
Karol Williams (Student): And when I came to John Brown that was one of the first things I noticed right away. Ah, my people are here!
Noel Johnson (Student): You’re all in this together. You identify with them. It’s not a competitive environment at all, it’s really a nurturing and encouraging one.
Karol Williams (Student): I quickly met and gelled with quite a diverse population of people.
Emma Myers (Student): We feel like we’re learning from each other. We want to talk about it. We’ll talk through some things.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): They are the people walking with you. They’re the people that you’re going through practicum with, you’re going to be discussing your cases with.
Noel Johnson (Student): And it’s great because it operates much like a support group for us as we’re processing, because we all come out of processing things with clients and we have to process it.
Katy Cline (Student): Just having that type of confidence in them, and knowing that if there was a client that I couldn’t take on, I could entrust them to one of my fellow classmates.
Noel Johnson (Student): John Brown really helps place you. They want us to succeed, and they want to help us succeed, and they do.