Grad: Counseling Front-Line Professors

Available and experienced teachers invest in students on a personal level.


Karol Williams (Student): The professors are on the front lines. They’re not just academic professors, they are themselves counselors. That makes a big difference.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): They know that you have to be able to work on yourself as a person in order to be successful in this field.
Karol Williams (Student): They’re able to give real live examples of their cases, and explain how it started, how it went, and what the outcome was.
Emma Myers (Student): They’re reminded of what it feels like to be in session, what the needs are for clients instead of something that was just in their past.
Noel Johnson (Student): Counseling professors have been wonderful.
Karol Williams (Student): You’re trying to do papers and trying to see clients, and trying to work all that in. The professors are completely aware of all the dynamics. They were just so loving and so helpful.
Emma Myers (Student): They would really take time to look at what I said and what I was concerned about, and that means a lot in and of itself.
Noel Johnson (Student): I appreciate that- their availability. That they are just there for you.
Emma Myers (Student): I love the fact that there’s such a God-centered perspective.
Karol Williams (Student): They take Biblical concepts and really connect them and marry them to our techniques and theories that we use in the counseling session.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): To have them invest in you, as not only a therapist and a student but also as a person is really what makes me just enjoy coming back.