Grad: Business Real-World Preparation

Grad students gain workplace confidence and develop personal connections.


Stacie Burley (Student): There’s a lot of potential for networking within the program.
Ronnette Smith (Graduate): I think it’s a part of the culture of… JBU is that you actually befriend your fellow classmate.
Chandana Sinha (Graduate): Being an Indian I thought that I would not be that much accepted in the groups. They always welcomed me in the groups, and appreciated my style of thinking which is different from the westerners.
Nolan Thomas (Graduate): Being able to have that foundation of how to work well with different cultures and individuals that go abroad is very valuable.
Stacie Burley (Student): I have found a lot of people who are doing things that I would like to get into who can either connect me with other people or who are willing to advise me in those areas.
Nolan Thomas (Graduate): The networking component of having people in your classroom that work here and kind of help acclimate me better to this community professionally speaking.
Ronnette Smith (Graduate): I’ve also received, since my graduation, a new project with Walmart, building the next generation of leaders.
Nolan Thomas (Graduate): The curriculum… helps prepare you better for what you go into in your own work life experiences.
Ronnette Smith (Graduate): I’m much more confident when I am working. That’s a personal ROI for me.
Nolan Thomas (Graduate): And that was really valuable.
Stacie Burley (Student): The program has helped me realize that I’m capable of more than I thought I was.