Grad: Business Academic Excellence

Experienced professionals aid students in reaching their potential.


Stacie Burley (Student): I’ve had professors who’ve been executives, or presidents of companies, they’ve opened their own companies.
Nolan Thomas (Graduate): So having that good balance of understanding here’s what it looks like in the professional setting for people that are living it right now and then what’s the academic side of that and how do those blend together and support each other.
Ronnette Smith (Student): The actual curriculum aligned with the work that I was doing daily.
Chandana Sinha (Graduate): It makes you think outside the box, it makes you understand the concepts thouroughly.
Stacie Burley (Student): They have experience professionals who are teaching the courses, they understand what it’s like to be in the work environment.
Ronnette Smith (Student): So when we had our mission, vision and values classes, strategic outreach classes, I could immediately apply those principles to the work that I was doing.
Stacie Burley (Student): As an MBA student, that’s just really encouraging to hear from someone who’s been there and actually experienced the things that I might potentially be wanting to go into.
Ronnette Smith (Student): All the professors that I experienced had high expectations. They had expectations that you would perform to the best of your ability.
Nolan Thomas (Graduate): There approach to a values-based form of leadership was unique.
Ronnette Smith (Student): Talking about who you are as a person and what’s important to you and how that guides you as a leader and how that can influence other leaders… being committed to building other people to their maximum capacity.