A Tribute to Dr. Gary Oliver

Tribute to Dr. Gary Oliver presented at the announcment of the Dr. Gary Oliver Endowed Chair.


Dr.Lee Balzer- But what I think of what known of us imagine was how the character and personality and depth of Gary Oliver that became the expansion the extension the increase depth of the center for relationship enrichment.
John Brown III- The first thing you realize about Gary that he was the man of just tireless energy and it's spring from his sense of mission, sense of calling in his life but just a real passion for the field of marriage and family enrichment.
Dr. Chip Pollard- He has set the direction for the ways its effectively ministered both here on campus and across the country.
Kai Togami- For Gary it was how are we going to minister to these couples in North-west Arkansas how are we going to make a difference in there lives.
Jackson Dunn- To be working with someone who really is family first and who is really intentional and understand the healthy we are at home the better we will be better in all aspect of life.
Pollard- If he didn't think something wasn't right in your life he was not afraid to tell you and even in his counseling style he was pretty direct he gives people things to do to get better he doesnt just listen to you he actually gives some directions.
Dr.H. Norman Wright- Gary was somebody that I have always learned from and I anticipate and will continue to learn from.
Pollard- And he's always reading in fact he probably more than any one else here at JBU sends me books.
Dr. Robert V. Cupp- Gary Oliver has to have, has a difficult time getting in a 24 hour day all the things that his fertile mind can think of and do.
John Brown III- I would defiantly describe him as a man of heroic faith man of prayer a man who walks with God and who feels a real daily mission to encourage others.
Kai Togami- You got to stop and think about it that he is not only good at what he does is that he is good at what he says and there in lies the difference between himself and a lot of other practitioners.
Lee Balzer- The passion is such that it continues to pursue the calling to care for relationship and others to be Christ centered.
Dr. H. Norman Wright- Gary, is one who walks with you he doesn't abandon you as a friend.
Wendy Soderquist Togmai- He is pretty () about friendship in other words he doesn't let really good friendships go.
Robert V. Cupp- What you discover there is a real man behind the public persona.
Wendy Soderquist Togami- that is something that he has worked very hard on saying what you see is what you get.
Dr. H. Norman Wright- He mingles with everybody doesn't matter who they are or what walks of life there from he connects and that comes from the depth of character in his life.
John Brown III- So regardless how difficult his circumstance is he strikes me for someone who always thinking of others firsts.
Jackson Dunn- Hows are the boys? Hows Christa? Hows things going? really wanting to know about me in the mist of all he had going. Where I'm going who cares about me your the one you know and that really still stands out significantly.
Pollard- He's very () clearly his, his had some personal sorrows particular in the past five years his () of his faith and the joy that's still there that the sorrow is real example to me.
Wendy Soderquist Togami- There's this belief that Gary holds to that God is good and so in that facing tragedy has been this relatively remarkable experience.
Robert V Cupp- Gary's faith as lived out proves that the scripture is true and that there can be a peace that passes all understanding.
Pollard- He doesn't try to bury his emotions he fully express his emotions and yet still joyous in the midst of what people would see as true sorrow and that is a fully matured Christian life.
John Brown III- Gary is a man of faith he is a man of prayer.
Jackson Dunn- He will pray for you on the spot.
Wendy Soderquist Togami- He will use travel time to pray for me and Kai and you know the list is probably a long list.
Robert V. Cupp- He is a man who believes in a very real living God and it's displayed in his enthusiasm for life and his joy his humor if you want to call what he does humor.
Dr. H Norman Wright- Gary I love you and you change my life and my life would not be the same without you.
Wendy Soderquist Togami- I hope that his legacy is less about Gary and more about Jesus and I hope when people think about Gary it will be in terms of how he has pointed them towards Christ because I think that certainly be also what his life works been about.
Dr. H Norman Wright- His impact is going to be lasting.
John Brown III- I think the chair is a wonderful way to not only to honor Gary but to make a statement that we want his legacy his leadership example to continue many years to come at John Brown University.