Christ Over All

Junior David LaGue explains how 'Christ Over All' is more than just our motto.


Hi, my name is David Lague, and I’m majoring in Business Administration. At John Brown University, our core motto is Christ Over All. And it’s not just pretty words. It informs everything we do. The faculty and staff here at JBU is committed to not only challenging us vocationally and academically, but also spiritually, to encourage us in our relationship with God. Twice a week, chapels combine worship with teaching from JBU faculty and guest speakers like John Perkins and Franklin Graham. In the dorms around campus, students can be found leading worship or Bible studies, really learning how to live out their faith in community. Bible classes are part of the core education here at JBU, providing us with the knowledge to back up our faith. Business professors look at how faith can influence marketplace ethics. Graphic Design students study how art can communicate justice. Family Studies majors analyze how biblical patterns affect family models. Many students have the opportunity to serve God in incredible ways, like being a friend to the friendless when we get to visit prisoners in the local jail. Or when we travel across the world to Uganda to volunteer at medical clinics. The great thing about being here is that Christ Over All is more than just our motto. Honoring God, and serving others… it’s what the JBU community is all about.