Academic Excellence

Senior Chenoa Barker explains why academic excellence at JBU is 'a foundation for success.'


Hi, my name is Chenoa Barker, and I’m a senior here at John Brown University, studying Chemistry and Spanish. Here at John Brown University, we take Academics seriously. The educational programs here are designed to stimulate students’ minds with abstract thinking and practical problem solving. JBU was only one of twenty-four colleges nationwide whose Engineering students were invited to participate in NASA’s lunabiotic mining competition. The National Endowment for the Arts has recognized JBU’s English department with a funding grant for Giving Voice: a Festival for Writing and the Arts. Academic rigor in business classes has led to competitive success. JBU students regularly win top awards in Students in Free Enterprise and the Governor’s Cup competitions. The National Science Foundation recognized JBU’s outstanding Natural Science division with over half a million dollars in student scholarships. US News and World Reports ranks JBU first out of ninety-nine schools in our category. Quality professors? They teach here at JBU. Over seventy-five percent of our faculty have PhDs or other terminal degrees from institutions like Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, Oxford, Purdue, Wheaton, Princeton, UC Berkley, Talbot, Harvard, Fuller, Stanford, Loyola, Auburn, and of course, JBU. Academic life at JBU has prepared students to excel at grad school. You will find plenty of JBU grads at top-tier medical schools, law schools, and seminaries around the country. Of course, many students will continue their education here, at JBU’s graduate school. Going into a career? No problem. Being competitive at a graduate school? Absolutely. Academic excellence at JBU: a foundation for success.