2016 Business Administration Online Program

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I work in a business environment, the information and the subject matter that I learned at John Brown, I actually already use, because it's relevant! Part of what I do has to do with statistical analysis and that kind of thing, so the stuff I learned in my statistics class I was able to use right away. The information that I learned in my Excel classes, I was able to take that and use it immediately. Hi, my name is Grace Olson and I'm studying Business Administration at John Brown University. I love being a student at John Brown because they bring forward all of the things that are great about school. It's a very safe environment to express your opinions and your thoughts and your views. And there's never a time where you feel like you're not important. It truly is online, I don't go to classroom and have students sitting next to me. And I thought I would feel really isolated, I didn't know how I would get help. Our instructors here are very flexible, I have called them on Saturday mornings and gotten calls back, and gotten questions answered. I am able to use the collaboration tools and collaborate with other students. I never once felt isolated or alone. My job is better because of what I'm learning. Since I've started at JBU, I've been promoted to a manager position to take what I learned at JBU and I'm able to use that and be very successful at what I do.