2016 President Pollard Announces Mayfield Renovation

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President Chip Pollard:
So, I have a special announcement today. It’s my great pleasure to let you know that last week, we received a three million dollar gift—challenge gift— towards the renovation of Mayfield.

I didn’t realize it was that bad, obviously. It came from the Windgate foundation, and the total cost of the project will be six million, so they’ve given a challenge grant for half, depending on how well we do on fundraising. We hope by next May we will start the progress, so May of 2017, and it will be completed May of 2018. It will be just like J. Alvin, and that’ll be kind of complicated. We’ll do one wing at a time, old first and then middle and then new, so we’ll have to kind of move people along during the year that we do it.

I have a couple of pictures to show you of Mayfield… so that’s a picture of the dedication ceremony in 1964, the old and the middle wing were finished in ’64, 52 years ago, the new wing was finished in 1979. We’ve had about 240 beds in Mayfield. This is actually the folks that founded Daisy Rifle over in Rodgers, that helped to fund it originally. A couple other pictures, here’s the first, when it was just an “L”, so that was the old and the middle wing. It’s built on the site where the founder’s house was. That’s the first move-in, 1964. There was no O-Group people to help. This is the way women in Mayfield used to dress. They look like they’re all ready to go on a job interview, don’t they?

So, we got four things we’re going to try to do to fix Mayfield. First of all, we’re going to work on the HVA System. So for those of you that don’t live in Mayfield, you don’t maybe understand why that’s a big deal, because right now, basically we can turn on the heat or we can turn on the air conditioning and it takes 24-48 hours to change systems. So that we turn the heat on in, like, November, but if it gets hot the next week, we just lift the windows and it’s really hot, and if it gets hot in March and then we turn on the air conditioning and it gets cold, we just ask people to put on sweaters or whatever because we can’t change. So the new system will be like J. Alvin, and so every room will be able to control their heat or their air conditioning. This will take care of—we’ve also had condensation problems because of that, so that will take care of that.

We will also have new bathrooms. So, better plumbing systems, less clogging, we’ll have new and expanded sinks, we will have more showers with separate changing areas in front of the showers… I really didn’t know how bad it was! So a couple pictures, there’s a picture of what it’ll look like.

We are also going to be working on the rooms, and in the rooms, we’re going to be entirely rebuild the rooms, so we’re going to have new double-pane glass windows, new sound-resistant construction, new LED lighting… Steve and Andre never told me how bad it was, really, I didn’t know! New furniture, including movable and stackable desks and beds so you can loft. And there will be new sinks in every room, even the new wing. So, there’s a picture of what it’ll look like… another picture of the new one…

And then fourth, we’re going to work on the common areas, we’re going to replace carpet, new paint, also all-new equipment for the kitchens, all that kind of thing. So, all the common areas will also have an upgrade, too. So that’ll be a picture of what the new common area will look like…

So now I have a special guest that I want to introduce to you today, it’s Dr. Adolphson. You might not know her, so I want to introduce her. She graduated from John Brown University in 1951. She had a degree in English, so when you listen to her biography, you’ll realize that English majors can do a lot of things, okay? She went away for a while, she came back in 1959, and she was our resident director in the California dorm for two years, and then in 1961 she became the Dean of Women, and she was the Dean of Women from 1961 to 1968, when we did the renovation of Mayfield, and she lived in Mayfield during that time. Then she went away—for some reason, she went to Moody Bible Institute for five years. Then she came back, and she was the director of our counseling program for seven years, and then she was a professor in our psychology department for nine years, then she was an emeritus professor for eleven years, and then she was bored in retirement, so she came back. Then she was the director of our graduate counseling program for about five or six years. So basically, she’s worked in student development, in the faculty, and in admissions, and she’s dedicated her whole life—her working life—to John Brown University, other than those five years she went to Moody. I couldn’t think—as I was thinking about today, I was thinking about Mayfield—I couldn’t think of a better person to offer a prayer of thanksgiving and to ask for God’s blessing on this project than Ida Adolphson. When I do homecoming, we do a thing with the 50th anniversary class of JBU, so it’s the 50th class that’s graduated from JBU, so right now the generation is from 1959 to 1966, and at every one of those times the graduates get up and they talk, and almost every woman who was here during that time talks about Miss Ida and the influence that she has had in their lives. She is a part of our history, and I want you to give her a warm welcome as she’s going to pray for us for this project.

(aside) I’ll hold on to you, don’t worry. You want to walk?

Dr. Ida Adolphson:
Too kind words, too kind. I love this school, and I would like to pray now for the dorm renovation of Mayfield, where I’ve spent a good lot of time, and I think it’s wonderful. So we pray. Father, we thank You for Your goodness to us. You’re such a giver to us, You bless us and we thank You. We pray for Mayfield dorm as it is renovated, that it will be a place where young women will grow to love You and then go out to serve You with all their hearts. We thank You for this school and what it has meant to so many, including myself. I am just so grateful for the young people who continue to come here, who grow in their love for You and go out to serve You, so guide and direct us as we continue in this place. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

President Chip Pollard:
So, you are dismissed, but there are celebratory cupcakes out by the fountain, so make sure you get a cupcake!
(aside) Thank you so much for being here!