2016 Senior Portfolio Review

Past JBU Event & Highlight Videos

Video Categories: Digital Cinema, Art and Illustration


Todd Goehner:
Tonight we're having our Senior Portfolio Review, which is where the students get to showcase all their work that they've done for the last four years. It's a chance for them to highlight the best of the best of their work.

Lindy Martin:
For the first two hours, we have professionals from all sorts of fields coming to look and to possibly look for people for jobs, so that's kind of exciting and nerve-wracking, but then for the other two hours, the family and friends of students or just the student body in general are going to come look at the works as well.

Justin Eddy:
And there's such great talent that comes out of JBU, it’s just great to have them all in one location to come and see all their work, and even if I wasn't an employee somewhere scouting, I would still come to just see the variety of work and talent and projects and being a student, a former student, I know how hard they all work on it.

Lindy Martin:
I am excited and I think it's going to be good, and I'm excited to meet some professionals!