2015 Soderquist Fellowship

Learn more about the Soderquist Fellowship program.


Clayton Anderson:
The Soderquist Fellowship is not your typical graduate assistantship. You'll be working at the center, and getting your MBA at the same time. But it's so much more than that.

Ann Simmons:
The fellowship is like a living laboratory because I'm able to take what I learn in class each week and apply it directly to my work at the center. On any given day I could providing logistical support for the programs that we do, belaying climbers from our ropes course, or helping a customer with their strategic plan.

Andrew McIntyre:
As a fellow, you have the opportunity to pursue a Master's of Business or a Master's of Science in Leadership and Ethics or Higher Education.

Kelli Neuman:
The professors in the grad program really are excellent and class is really enriched by the fact that we have a diverse range of students, business leaders and executives from across Northwest Arkansas. Because of that diversity, our discussions in class are full of real world experience and application.

Ashlyn Gagnon:
Northwest Arkansas is an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true. This area offers tons of places to go kayaking and to really enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Ozark mountains.

Andrew McIntyre:
This summer, a report came out predicting that Northwest Arkansas would be the third fastest growing economy through the year 2020.It's home to Walmart, J. B. Hunt, and Tyson, and there are 1,500 other Walmart suppliers in the area so it's a great place to start your career.

Rachel Lewis:
On a regular basis we will attend lunch with executives and visit with suppliers to learn more about their businesses and their industries.

Clayton Anderson:
Having access to experienced mentors has really been one of the greatest gifts, especially in one of the most formative times of my career.