2015 Musical Man of La Mancha

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Steven Hamilton:
Man of La Mancha takes place during the Spanish Inquisition in a prison. And at the very top of the show, Cervantes is thrown in prison. Within the show in the prison, he and the prisoners end up putting on the show. So it's kind of a show within a show. And the story of Don Quixote really is about a guy who kinda went crazy and thought he was a knight. And went off into the world with his squire and tried to right wrongs and things like that.

Liesl Dromi:
But this is kind of an interesting show in that it's really funny and then it's really dramatic. And so we have a lot of different elements. We have have some horror-esque elements, which I'm super excited about.

Alec Warn:
This show is probably one of the most real life, real issue show that JBU has in a long time.

Mariah Makil:
It's full of amazing people, and the cast is perfect.

Joel Brown:
The acting is incredible, the orchestra is fantastic. The lighting is beautiful, and it's so well done. And it's very unique, it's not like any other musicals that I've seen.

Liesl Dromi:
It's timeless, because it's about every one of us. Not only entertaining, but it's also a story that we need to hear. This show is full of hope and so I think it's for everyone.

Mariah Makil:
The play will be running November 6, 7, 13, and 14.

Liesl Dromi:
Come! If you miss this show, oh my goodness, you are missing out on something special.