2015 Disaster Shelter Competition: Day 2

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Stephen Gilmour:
Basically, we're setting up a disaster shelter. We're given a situation, which in this case, is in Pakistan where there was an earthquake back in 2005. We're tasked to build a shelter that meet the requirements of that situation. It has to be a certain weight. It has to have a certain thermal capacity. It has to be strong enough. We've gone through a number of tests already, like an earthquake test, a heat retention test, and the last one that we're going to do now is the wind test, which will be tomorrow. So they'll just bring a big fan out and try and blow the shelter away. Setting up right now, there's going to be 5 teams setting up their shelter one after another. And we're going to do a timed assembly to see how fast it takes, how long it takes to set them up. And then tomorrow they're going to bring the fan by and just blow them, one by one, to see how well they take the wind. I think some definitely performed better than others, so I think we have a pretty good chance. Our shelter is very strong, and so far it's performed well on all the tests.