Campaign Nursing Program Video

This $12 million project will include the construction and endowment of a state-of-the art nursing facility, equipment and program endowment.

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Dr. Ellen Odell:
The opportunities for Nursing is growing, as well as the need for nursing in the hospital is a tremendous shortage.

Susan Barrett:
I think John Brown University's opportunity to develop great nurses in a faith based environment is very exciting.

Dr. Ellen Odell:
I want the students to impact other people's lives. Serving God by serving others.

Emma Muttimer:
I think it's impossible to be a Christian and to see the value of human life and then not put that into your nursing. JBU is preparing you really well so if I want to do missions, I can do that. If I want to do school nursing, I can do that. If I want to work in a hospital, I'll be prepared for that.

Dr. Chip Pollard:
I spoke to a local hospital administrator, and he said to me, 'what I really want with a nurse is I want technical expertise, wise judgement, and great knowledge of the nursing profession.' But he said, 'I'd also really like someone who could be willing and able to pray with the patient.' That's exactly what you'll get when you get a JBU nurse.

Susan Barrett:
These young women, young men will be coming out fully prepared to move quickly into leadership roles within the care team. And I would be very very interested in hiring John Brown University graduates.