Campaign Theme Video

A look at JBU's history and vision for the next century.


John E. Brown Sr.:
Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. From the time the first spade of dirt was turned in a cornfield here, where stand these buildings, we have tried to build in the name of Christ we dedicated the work to God, We've tried to train youth for the highest and finest of Christian Americanism, to send them out to leadership."

A century. 100 years. Almost that long ago, John E. Brown Sr. turned a corn field into a college with a mission to prepare students to be salt and light to the world through their chosen vocation. We've seen good times and bad times. Wars and prosperity. Oppression and liberation. We've entered the modern era. Automobile era. The radio era. The atomic era. The space era. The computer era. The Internet era. The smart phone era. The green era. We've changed our look. Beehives to bell bottoms. Greasers to hipsters. A lot of things have changed at JBU over the years... But the one thing that hasn't changed in the last century is a commitment to Christ Over All. This commitment has endured from generation to generation. The G.I. Generation the Baby Boomers, the Gen X'ers and the Millennials. - all JBU students whose head, heart, and hands were trained to serve in God's kingdom as engineers, teachers, artists, missionaries, entrepreneurs, broadcasters, and counselors. This commitment connects our past to the present, and will be our foundation for the next 100 years. In that spirit, we are launching a campaign to meet the challenges of the next century - preserving our rich heritage and staying true to our Christ-centered mission while adapting to an ever-changing world. This campaign for JBU's next century has many parts, but one goal: empower JBU to ready students for lives of honoring God and serving others for decades to come. We don't know what the next 100 years will bring. But we can be sure of two things. The world will continue to change at an ever-increasing pace, and John Brown University, with Christ Over All, will be preparing graduates to bring light and hope to every corner of the world. Welcome to JBU's next century.