Brazil International Studies Promo

Hear from JBU Graduate Students about the Brazil International Studies program.


First Man- I had the opportunity to take a look at the business in Brazil, which that is unique in it's on right. Then we also had the opportunity to study the people of Brazil, by being amongst them.
First Female- I think the trips gives me the broader perspective, on maybe my professional career and what my goals would be in the future.
Second male- having the opportunity where it was a low pressure environment and you're learning by doing, you're learning by seeing it, you're experiencing while talking about it, you talk about it and go see it in a store.
First woman- You know we were waiting to start and we were taking pictures and this Walmart executive comes running in and says "Oh! can I jump in your picture?" and we said "Sure" and so we you know take the picture and he goes around introducing himself to everyone and says his name and we sit down and someone else says "I like to introduce to you the President of Walmart Brazil" and this man jumps up that we have just met and I was blown away by the fact he just treated us you know just like he would any other person and he took an hour out of his day that wasn't even on his schedule actually to sit down with us and just share about his country and his organization and the passion that he has for it.
third Man- We were able to go to Brazil and speak intelligently to the Mars leadership and to have I think we were slated for maybe 30 mins to an hour but we spoke for two hours we delivered the presentation there was great Q and A there was great dialogue and a lot of very important take away after that meeting so it was beneficial and an experience that I wont forget.
First Male- One of the things I found that was extremely unique was the folks in Brazil they are probably some of the most fired up people and it's just not the Walmart folks it's everybody it seems like the country of Brazil.
2nd Woman- The culture was so different then ours they placed an extremely high value on family and free time and wasn't like you met someone and they asked you where you work they met you and asked about you.
Third Man- The trip itself, think in a way that structure was a very good balance of personal, professional there was time where you know when it was time to be professional and you had to be on your game and there was that nice balance of being able to relax and enjoy the sights and really take in the culture.
second man- you kickoff and you get right into the culture and seeing the country and so that was great and to get our feet wet literally our entire bodies wet in Iguaza falls.
third man- you approach the mouth of these enormous waterfalls well then the boats proceeds and you go right underneath and your just drench.
first female- by the end you are so thankful for the experience I was so happy to hear that Mars Brazil ask us to do this again next year when they bring a team down it was really excited that I was able to be a part of something bigger than myself and that was really well received.
Third Man- The Mars project was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I've done from both personally and professionally stand point.
second man- If your considering it or on the fence I would say defiantly go on the Brazil trip it's going to be an experience of a life time.