Hall of Fame Induction

Former JBU athletes are inducted into the Golden Eagle Hall of Fame.

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Speaker 1: I think that what made him a good shooter, what made him a good playerwas that competitive edge that he brought all the time.
Speaker 2: Anyone who knows about the training that it takes to be a long distance runner understand that self-discipline and work ethic are extremely important to be successful.
Speaker 3: Endurance produces character. Character produces hope. And hope gives us confidence.
Speaker 4: Although Bill had initially thought his swimming career would end in his high school days, he became one of the premiere distance swimmers in the nation.
Speaker 5: Thank you to my coaches, Mark Latham, Donny Bunker, Kelly Kramer, Pete Setian.
Speaker 6: I also want to thank Mark. He was more than a coach. We were both from California, we were both far away from home, and he really took over as someone who was a father figure to us while we were here.
Speaker 7: A press release from 1966 quotes Coach Moon as saying, "having played major league baseball fulfilled one of my goals in life. And another goal has been to teach and work with young people."
Coach Wally Moon: So many good things have come my way, and this is certainly one induction that holds a very high spot.