Lead Gift for Nursing Announcement

$6 Million Lead Gift Announced for JBU's Nursing Program

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President Pollard: You all know, because I sent out a note to you, that we received prerequisite approval for our nursing program in September. That's the first step along our way to have a nursing program here at JBU. The next step will be initial approval and then we have final approval, so we have a couple steps that we have to take to do that. So the total project that we estimate right now will be $10 million for construction and for endowment. Probably $6 million for construction and $4 million for endowment. And I'm very pleased to announce today that we've received a $6 million lead gift pledge for the new nursing program. Somebody said to me today, 'Don't you feel you're on a roller coaster?' Because you're not in control, right? But it's a wonderful ride. It's an anonymous gift. We're very, very grateful for the support we've received for this. There's a lot still to go but we're on our way. And I think this will be a fantastic new project for JBU.