Become: Academic Excellence

See how JBU's diverse faculty and rigorous coursework challenges students to excel.


Becky: Hi, my name is Becky and I am a student here at John Brown University studying music education. JBU is serious about academic excellence. It’s embedded in our head, heart and hand philosophy of education.

Consistent academic excellence is one of the reasons U.S News World report has recognized JBU as one of the top ten southern colleges for the past ten years.

But what exactly does academic excellence look like at JBU? It looks like JBU students being awarded prestigious scholarships like Fulbright, White Coat and Truman. Academic excellence is seen when JBU students bring home competitive awards like our business teams which regularly dominate the Reynolds Governor’s Cup and Enactus competitions.

Or our visual art students who have won Gold and Best in Show awards from the American Advertising Federation.

Or our debate team and student newspaper, which have won top state awards as well.

Our engineering students were recognized with a grant from NASA to compete in the Lunabotics Competition at the Kennedy Space Center and the NEA has recognized JBU’s Humanities programs with a grant for Giving Voice – JBU’s festival for writing and the arts.

You can’t talk about academic excellence at JBU without mentioning our brilliant faculty. 75% have P.H.D’s or other terminal degrees. They have graduated from places like Purdue, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, Syracuse, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Auburn, and, of course, JBU.

Academic excellence means great preparation for graduate school.

You’ll find JBU students doing post-graduate work at top tier law schools, research institutions, medical schools, and seminaries.

Of course, many of the brightest minds will stay at JBU for their advanced degrees.

Graduate school? Full-time ministry? Impacting career? Academic excellence at John Brown University will challenge you to be the person God wants you to become.